Sunday, 4 May 2014

Update: Where have I been?

I'm back! It's been a long time since I last posted on here and so much has happened in that time!

I've been super busy with University work and it is only a few short weeks until I finish my third and final year! It's so crazy how the time flies but I'm looking forward to my education finally being over and having a Degree.

I'll more than likely do a post in the near future explaining in depth where I have been over the last 10 months. But for now I just wanted to let you all know that I am returning and I have lots of exciting blog posts in mind which I am so excited to share with you all.

You may have noticed that my blog has had quite the re-vamp and I have deleted all my old posts. I did this purely as I didn't feel that they now suited the new tone of what I want my blog to be like.

I'll be posting more regularly regarding topics such as a variety of hauls (make-up, clothing, home-ware etc), product reviews, tips and hints as well as including lots of insights into my life and what I have been doing because in just a months time....

...I'm moving to Norfolk! I'm moving in with my boyfriend & his family for a few months until we get settled in finding a job and our own flat, but I am so excited! This is such a big change for me as i'll be living the other side of the country to my family and I won't have any friends so I will be completely starting over but I am really looking forward to it.

Thanks for those who have stuck around, it really means a lot and I am looking forward to blogging once again and sharing such a big change in my life with you all :)

Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas of what you would like to see from this blog in the future and I'll be sure to note them all down.

Thanks for reading and I will speak to you all soon.


  1. Welcome back!! x

    1. Thanks lovely! :)
      Love your blog, been a follower for ages x